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Melanie Martinez announces 'Cry Baby Perfume Milk'.

Melanie Martinez announces 'Cry Baby Perfume Milk'.

The latest to join the ranks of celebrities peddling official fragrances, is Melanie Martinez who has just announced a forthcoming perfume called 'Cry Baby Perfume Milk' - out this December.

About her new venture, Martinez says: "Once I was done making my album Cry Baby, I knew I wanted to make a vintage inspired baby bottle perfume. I knew I wanted it to be a milky white and smell sweet and nostalgic. Working with Catherine Selig and Powershovel was a dream. I'm very excited for people to not only smell it but also have another piece of the Cry Baby album."

The perfume will mix dark fruity notes with the scents of strawberry milk and lipstick, alongside a base of sweet burnt caramel - which is milky white to the eye, but sprays on clear.

Click here to pre-order.

Watch a teaser for the new fragrance below...

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