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Listen: Marlon Williams' new single 'River Rival'.

Listen: Marlon Williams' new single 'River Rival'.

Marlon Williams has released new single, 'River Rival', from his forthcoming album 'My Boy' out on September 9th. 

On the new song, Williams shares: "This tune began with an idle google search. The Latin noun ‘rivalis’ means people competing for the same source of water. That got me excited and seemed to hit upon a central occupation of the record as a whole. Resource scarcity, very generally construed, is at the heart of most conflict: economically, materially, socially. Musically, it started out as a bleary-eyed Nick Drake-esque acoustic rambler but somehow, perhaps counterintuitively, it felt too heavy that way so with a bit of fussing and redressing (largely in pre-production with Mark Perkins) it gradually morphed into the cyclical synth rock-roller before you. Under Tom Healy’s guiding hand, Cass (Basil) and Paul (Taylor) then built up the rhythmic intensity, each stanza pushing the point a little more urgently every time."

'My Boy' track list:

1. My Boy
​2. Easy Does It
​3. River Rival
​4. My Heart The Wormhole
​5. Princes Walk
​6. Don’t Go Back
​7. Soft Boys Make The Grade
​8. Thinking Of Nina
​9. Morning Crystals
​10. Trips
​11. Promises

Listen to 'River Rival' below...

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