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Review: M·A·C Cosmetics x Steve J & Yoni P.

Review: M·A·C Cosmetics x Steve J & Yoni P.

M·A·C Cosmetics' brand new collection in collaboration with the design-duo Steve J and Yoni P, is full of unique eye-catching packaging and adorable shades. Steve says about the inspiration for the collection: "Yoni herself is the inspiration. She always had an iconic makeup style that people recognise and follow, so we wanted to base the package design on Yoni’s look."

Eyeshadow Duo - Touch Me Baby

A natural stunning eyeshadow duo which comes with two different shades - a shimmery brown and a frosted pink. Both shades are super pigmented and the pigment can even be intensified by using a wet brush. 

Lip and Cheek Palette - Yoni Atrraction

A palette full of six different blush and lip shades that are great for every skin-tone. There are shades for every season and every time of day. All shades are also long wearing, easily blended, and pigmented on both lips and cheeks. 

Lipstick - Yoni Crush

A bold orange red shade that would be perfect for both a Summer day or a night out.

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