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Review: Lush x Mother’s Day 2017 collection.

Review: Lush x Mother’s Day 2017 collection.

Lush are just about to release their annual Mother's Day 2017 collection tomorrow on April 27th, and the collection is filled with everything you need to pamper your mum on this special day! This year it is full of many floral and fruity scents to spoil your mum with!

Scrubee - Body Butter

Yes, the product is just as cute as the name. Thanks to the cocoa butter and ground coconut shells, this body butter is perfect for exfoliating and softening the skin all at once. 

Pink Custard - Shower Jelly

Shower Jelly is definitely as fun as it sounds! It smells just like vanilla, but not overpowering like some other shower products can be sometimes. It’s easy to use and can save time in the shower if you’re on the go - a must-have.

Over and Over - Bath Bomb

It smells so great you want to eat it. The scent of this bath-bomb is citrusy but also with a hint of sweet - what more could you want?

Rose Bombshell - Bath Bomb

This bath-bomb turns the colour of your bath to the prettiest of pinks, and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and smelling great. I was confused at first as to what the mysterious purple things were coming out of the bath-bomb were, but was pleased to discover that it was in fact rose petals! The result of the bath-bomb also look mysteriously similar to Harry Styles upcoming solo debut album cover.....

Honey - Lip Scrub

This is definitely my favourite lip scrub to date. It smells great and tastes great which is always good too. It has a slight peppermint feel to it and definitely tastes just like honey, I highly recommend it!  

Yummy Mummy - Shower Gel

A bottle full of galaxy, glittery goodness! The colour is so very pretty and mixed with the scent, it's definitely a favourite. A great positive for this shower gel is that it's completely vegan, whereas products with the same scent are not - so now everyone can enjoy it!

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