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Kailee Morgue - 'Medusa' music video.

Kailee Morgue - 'Medusa' music video.

After dropping her new song 'Medusa' last week, Kailee Morgue has now released a trippy music video for the track which features kaleidoscopic snapshots of Morgue dancing on her own.

About the song, Morgue says: "I wanted to create a story and paint a picture with words. I heard the first line in a movie [“There’s blood in the water”] and just had to incorporate it into that beat. It shows vulnerability and creates a different take on Medusa. In mythology, Medusa was cursed with snakes for hair and a hideous face over something that wasn’t her fault. It’s actually a tragic story, but people perceive her as a monster. So, she takes on the leadership role of the ‘broken’ in the song."

Watch the 'Medusa' music video below...

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