Watch: Jonas Brothers x The Late Late Show.

Watch: Jonas Brothers x The Late Late Show.

James Cordon brings us another edition of ‘Carpool Karaoke’, where he invites musicians into his car for a colloquial interview and drive, and they sing together renditions of the artist’s songs as Cordon travels to work. “I didn’t know that the Jonas Brothers would ever be able to help me get to work,” Cordon says, referencing of course their break up; the boyband in fact only just got back together at the end of last month.

Nick Jonas, from the back of the car, states that the Carpool Karaoke is “basically our first performance back” - sure to excite fans across the globe. Beginning with a rendition of ‘Burning Up’, the band go on to talk about their break up, the healing process, and even get strapped in to a lie detector to answer probing questions about each other. The fifteen-minute-long interview also features performances of some of their other songs; ‘Year 3000’ and ‘Lovebug’, to name a few.

The Jonas Brothers are definitely back, and are rumoured to be announcing a tour soon.

Watch the episode below, as well as other highlights from the Jo'Bros co-hosting The Late Late Show all week long this week…

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