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Introducing: Holly Humberstone + her debut single 'Deep End'.

Introducing: Holly Humberstone + her debut single 'Deep End'.

Having spent last month touring Europe with Lewis Capaldi, Holly Humberstone continues to win over new fans (including the likes of Niall Horan!) with strikingly honest debut single, 'Deep End', which helps shed light on the importance of having open conversations about mental health.

Humberstone names Damien Rice, Lorde, Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers, and HAIM as songwriting influences, and is currently working on her first EP in the old countryside house she grew up in.

About her song, Humberstone says: "This song means a lot to me and it’s quite a personal one. One of my sisters was going through a difficult time and I was struggling to know how best to help. This song is my way of telling her that I’m always here. It feels like a lot of people are going through something similar or suffering themselves and don’t have an outlet to express it. It’s a difficult conversation but really important to let those around you know that you care for them and will always stand by them."

And about the accompanying music video: "The video for this song came from an idea that we have had for a while. We kept imagining this really dark image of me stood dripping wet in the cold, staring at the camera and playing my electric guitar. We then thought it would be funny & relevant to reveal my sisters holding hoses, spraying me down. My sisters are all so important to this song."

Watch the 'Deep End' music video below...

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