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Listen: Hayley Williams' new album 'FLOWERS for VASES / descansos'.

Listen: Hayley Williams' new album 'FLOWERS for VASES / descansos'.

After giving fans the first listen to several new songs (via a burnt CD and a vinyl), Hayley Williams has now released the entirety of her second solo album 'FLOWERS for VASES / descansos', after her debut solo release from last year, 'Petals For Armor'.

The new fourteen-track album was written and performed entirely by Williams during lockdown last year. In an Instagram story about the album, Williams shares: "This isn't really a follow-up to Petals For Armor. If anything, it's a prequel, or some sort of detour between parts 1 and 2 of Petals. Whatever it is, it has two names: 'Flowers For Vases' and 'descansos'.

I had written a long and poetic press release but man, after 16 years of being in the music business, 6 albums, and a lot of "stratifies" for how to "roll-out" a project the right way... writing more words in an attempt to describe better words I've written for the album at hand just seemed so silly and boring. So I deleted what I had and this is all I'll leave you with:
- I wrote and performed this album in it's entirety. That's a career first for me.
- I recorded it at my home in Nashville, the home at which I've resided since Paramore released After Laughter.
- 2020 was really hard but I'm alive and so my job is to keep living and help others to do the same.
- Yes, Paramore is still a band."

Listen to the album in full below...

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