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Must-listen: Haim feat. Taylor Swift - 'Gasoline'.

Must-listen: Haim feat. Taylor Swift - 'Gasoline'.

Haim have teamed up with Taylor Swift on their new remix of 'Gasoline', which features Swift singing the second verse and providing backing vocals throughout the song.

About the Taylor Swift feature, Haim share: "Since we released wimpiii in june, Taylor had always told us that 'Gasoline' was her favorite. So when we were thinking about ways to reimagine some of the tracks from the record, we immediately thought of her. She brought such amazing ideas and new imagery to the song and truly gave it a new life. Thank you Taylor Swift for adding your incredible voice and spirit to a track that means so much to us."

The release is part of the deluxe release of their album, which also features a Thundercat feature on '3am'.

Listen to the remix below, and the full deluxe album...

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