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Photo Diary: Finneas x New Zealand, May 2019.

Photo Diary: Finneas x New Zealand, May 2019.

After his first visit to New Zealand in September 2017, Finneas O'Connell has been routinely visiting our shores with his sister Billie Eilish - but this visit last week saw not only his first ever visit to a black sand beach, but also his first ever proper performance on our shores, opening up for Eilish’s arena show.

While in New Zealand last week, we took some behind-the-scenes photos of our photoshoot with Finneas (keep an eye out for that later on this year…) as well as his soundcheck and performance at Spark Arena - check it all out below, and listen to Finneas’ brand new song ‘I Lost A Friend’ while you’re at it…

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Standard beach attire

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I offered to climb this tree for a photo and decided it was a bad idea immediately. Felt both my knees pop when I landed. Rock n roll.

Pretty standard waterfall stuff here.

Rose isn’t in enough photos and I LOVE Rose. She’s made me feel so at home in Auckland since the minute we landed. Grateful to her and Shahlin and everyone at Coup De Main forever.

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