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5 reasons to watch 'BrightBurn' in cinemas.

5 reasons to watch 'BrightBurn' in cinemas.

"Who doesn't want to see an alien child on a murderous rampage as we begin our summer?" the producer of 'BrightBurn' James Gunn (‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ extraordinaire) replied when asked about the upcoming horror film ‘BrightBurn’ - and with it releasing in NZ cinemas on May 23rd, we’ve got some important information to educate you more about the upcoming anti-superhero film.

Check it out below…

#1. The film will include one of our favourite songs from Billie Eilish’s debut album, ‘Bad Guy’! Check out the song in use in the latest trailer now:

#2. The film stars Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer, whose dreams of motherhood eventuate with a mysterious baby boy Brandon - who turns out to have a darkness inside of him.

#3. James Gunn worked on the film as a producer, and his brother Mark Gunn wrote the film! About his love of the film, Gunn said: “I love this movie because it is an entirely new take on the superhero genre. It is something we have never seen before. It’s coming at the superhero movie from a pure horror angle. It’s also a more honest way of coming at the superhero myth because there’s something terrifying about the idea of a super-powered alien that would come to Earth. Tori thinks her son is going to bring glory to the world and help us, but that’s not necessarily the case. In every way we watch this movie, he is a ghost, he’s a demon child, and we treated the movie exactly like that.”

#4. The film’s star Jackson A. Dunn - who plays the young boy who transforms into a vicious predator -  also starred as a young Scott Lang (Ant-Man) in ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

#5. It’s been received positively online! Check out some tweets about the film:

Watch the ‘Brightburn’ trailer below - and catch it in NZ cinemas from May 23:

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