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A Dominic Fike x 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' album appreciation post.

A Dominic Fike x 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' album appreciation post.

"I hope everyone gets something out of it," Dominic Fike shares about his debut full-length album, 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong', a fourteen-song project which is out today.

From 'Cancel Me' in which Fike declares, "I hope they cancel me, so I can go be with my family," to the chaotic opener 'Come Here', the album shows Fike at his most varied, yet finding his voice with each new turn.

To celebrate the album's release, we've put together five things about the project that we currently appreciate - check it all out below.

#1. He spoke with Zane Lowe about the album project - talking about working with Kenny Beats, Jim-E Stack, and more:

#2. Ahead of the album's release, Fike shared a video where he goes skydiving, and was interviewed by actress Diana Silvers too:

#3. He released a stunning music video for latest song 'Politics & Violence', which was filmed on location in Scotland and sees footage of Fike and song lyrics projected onto parts of the landscape.

#4. There's a selection of new merch available on Fike's web-store, including t-shirts, exclusive and deluxe vinyl options and more - check it all out here.

#5. As part of the album roll-out, an interview between Brockhampton's Kevin Abstract and Dominic Fike took place, where they discussed everything from fame, experiencing anxiety, and more:

Listen to 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' in full below...

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