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A photo diary from... Claud.

A photo diary from... Claud.

"I wanna go home," exclaims Chicago-raised Claud Mintz on their new single, 'Go Home!' - marking their first new music since last year's debut album, 'Super Monster'. From taking up songwriting at 14-years-old, to being the first signee on Phoebe Bridgers' record label Saddest Factory Records, Mintz has also just finished up touring with Bridgers; getting to play in their home city of Chicago at Huntington Bank Pavillion.

Claud compiled a photo diary for us from the Phoebe Bridgers tour and chatted to us about all things the new single, working with puppets, and what's next... 

COUP DE MAIN: We love 'Go Home!' - what was running through your mind when you were writing this track?
CLAUD: Thanks! It’s about that feeling I get sometimes in social situations when I can’t think of anything to say and just get so nervous to talk to anyone.

CDM: You recently opened for Phoebe Bridgers on her Reunion Tour - was that experience everything you expected it to be?
CLAUD: It really was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. I’ve been going to her shows for years as a fan, so this was truly a dream come true. I’m an even bigger fan now than ever, and the people that come to a Phoebe show are just so kind and considerate. 

CDM: You also recently appeared in 'Helpsters' on Apple TV - what was that experience like?
CLAUD: That was so fun! I had never done anything like that before. It was a long day - we started with recording the song in a studio and then shot the actual scene after that. I had never really acted before (even though I was just playing myself), and interacting with puppets was really funny and cute. 

CDM: What constitutes a perfect day for you?
CLAUD: Going to brunch with some friends, maybe hanging out in a park, petting a dog, and then going home and watching TV all night. 

CDM: If you could tell yourself from 5 years ago a piece of advice, what would it be? 
CLAUD: Stop rushing into things! That sense of urgency you feel is just your anxiety. Take a deep breath. 

CDM: What would you say home is to you at this moment? Would it have been the same now as it was a year ago? 
CLAUD: I’m not sure! Honestly, I’ve been touring so much, all my stuff is in a storage unit right now. 

CDM: Where in the world do you want to tour that you haven't yet? 
CLAUD: New Zealand, Australia, and Asia! 

CDM: What's next for you?
CLAUD: Writing…

Claud at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ.

Claud and the band playing 'That’s Mr. Bitch To You!'.

The band (left to right): Frankie, Claud and Molly.

Claud before their set.

Claud sitting on the road cases backstage.

A gay bass amp.

Claud with Phoebe Bridgers road case.

Claud at The Anthem in DC.

Marshall's drum kit.

Phoebe Bridgers getting ready for stage.

The audience at The Anthem in DC.

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