Chance The Rapper on the cover of GQ, February 2016.

Chance The Rapper on the cover of GQ, February 2016.

Chance The Rapper covers the February 2016 issue of 'GQ' magazine, styled in a mix of designer and high street brands, including the likes of Burberry, American Apparel, Topman, Ksubi, Alexander Wang, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

On the difference between being a musician and being considered a celebrity: "If I go to a frozen-yogurt spot, and I get my yogurt, and I put on my toppings, and I go to the front, and the cashier freaks out, she’s like, “Oh my God, oh my God, you’re Chance the Rapper. You’re Chance the Rapper.” And then the other lady there, she says, “I don’t know who you are.” It’s the difference in those two reactions. Like, this one girl might fan out, and this other girl might not care at all. But then in a few seconds, this girl’s going to start making it very apparent that she doesn’t know who I am, making jokes about it and asking me who I am, what do I do. And then, in the end, she’s going to ask for a picture, too. And remind me after she took the picture that she doesn’t know who I am. It’s like today was different in her life because she saw a celebrity. And that sucks. And the pressure of being right and presentable as a celebrity kind of sucks."

On the last time he was broke: "I go broke a lot because I have this understanding that whatever I put out there, if I really am doing what’s right, it’s going to be rewarding, you know? If I’m working on it—if I’m diligently working on it—something will come back. And that’s how every project has been since I was in high school, since I was Instrumentality [Chance’s musical alter ego in high school] and I was giving out CDs for free. Everything has come back tenfold. I remember sitting on the back of the bus on the first day of the Social Experiment tour, with my face in my hands. I emptied out my bank account, and before I did that tour, that was the number one thing I said I’d never do. I’ll never empty out my savings. But I put all that money up, and within two weeks, when everyone was getting paid, I was like, Okay, cool, we’re good again."

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