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Ansel Elgort: "This is big corporations vs. nature. We’ve got to protect these fish!"

Ansel "I love the ocean" Elgort is passionately campaigning to protect ocean ecosystems by encouraging his fans to sign a petition to save the menhaden fish (which is a really important source of food for many species above it in the food chain, including whales, porpoises, eagles, osprey, and other bigger fish).

Via his official Instagram, Elgort has said: "I’m passionate about protecting ocean ecosystems. LINK IN MY BIO to read more and take action for the most important fish in the sea. Sign the petition to protect the menhaden!"

Click here to sign the petition and learn more about why the menhaden fish is important.

Ansel Elgort = Captain Planet!

Watch Elgort’s PSA below...

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