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Years & Years pull out of Ellie Goulding NZ + Australia tour.

Years & Years pull out of Ellie Goulding NZ + Australia tour.

UPDATE: After wild rumours of Years & Years and Ellie Goulding having a falling-out (and hence, their exit from her Australasian tour) started circulating, we decided to investigate the actual truth of the matter, because as Oscar Wilde once accurately summarised... "When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me."

So, we asked Ellie herself, to fill us in on the haps.

About the Internet’s Y&Y vs. Ellie feud rumours, Ellie says:

"Completely untrue... I've never fallen out with anyone in my life ???? can you imagine?! I think they decided it was too expensive because I had to cancel the last two shows. It's a long way to go and takes a lot of work... I love those guys. It was tough with all the cancelling on my tour this year but couldn't be helped. I even supported myself on one of the nights!"

So. There you have it. No un-friending. Just Australasian-geographical-isolation and the machinations of the modern-day-music-industry working against our very far away continent.


Years & Years may or may not be opening for Ellie Goulding on the upcoming Australasian leg of her Delirium Tour - but no-one really knows what is going on, so it’s anyone’s guess really.

Earlier today, Years & Years posted a geoblocked message on their Facebook account announcing their Australian cancellation, but with no mention of New Zealand:

"Hi guys, we are very sorry to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to support Ellie Goulding on her October Australian tour. We hope to be back in Australia as soon as possible next year."

Following that, Frontier Touring confirmed the announcement via their social media channels as well, and included NZ.

Now, Ellie Goulding herself has questioned the news...


Anyway... apparently the new New Zealand opening act will be announced soon. We’re praying for Victoria Sponge.

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