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Watch: 'The 100’ Season 6 teaser trailer.

Watch: 'The 100’ Season 6 teaser trailer.

The 100’ Season 6 is due to premiere on April 30th, and the trailer for the upcoming episodes have just been released. Check it out below… 

Additionally, much to the delight of fans, rumours have begun to circulate that there could be potential a spin-off series set in the same universe after some comments by writer Jason Rotherburg. Richard Harmon said at a pannel: "I think I would want to see one where ... the beginning of the spin-off is the first bomb going off, and everything of like the people who become the Grounders, the people who survive, them dealing with kind of everything. I think that would be spin-off I'd want to see." Rotherburg added: "We may be working on something. Can't talk about it, I'll probably get in trouble for saying that."

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