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Tom Hardy x 'Esquire' magazine, December 2016.

Tom Hardy x 'Esquire' magazine, December 2016.

Tom Hardy features in Esquire’s new December issue, in a photoshoot that combines Hardy’s shirtlessness with some designer Gucci clothes.

He talks about his upcoming new show, ‘Taboo’ (a BBC drama that he created with his father), saying: "I know every line, and I know where everything is in every scene, and I know where most candles are, So yeah, I'm never happy."

On future roles: "There's a part of me that wants to do different stuff, but there's a part of me that goes: do you know what? I want to carry on playing gangsters because every time you go a little bit deeper in that study. Why switch it up and be rice-paper thin? 'Oh, he's good because he's doing a musical now!' You know what I mean? It's like, 'Look at me! I'm trying to please people!'"

Check out the rest of the shoot below…

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