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Must-watch: Wolf Alice's 'You’re A Germ' music video.

Must-watch: Wolf Alice's 'You’re A Germ' music video.

Wolf Alice have released a music video for 'You’re A Germ' - the latest single from their debut album, 'My Love Is Cool' - which pays homage to '70s/'80s horror movies and features the band attempting to escape inevitable fates.

About the new video, the band say: "We are big fans of horror movies, terrified of them no doubt, but massive fans all the same. We always buy one on the road to watch together on long drives - we have figured out who will die first in the zombie apocalypse that is undoubtedly gonna happen, Joff can do a brilliant leather face from Texas chainsaw massacre impression and it was only a matter of time before we made our own..."

Watch the 'You’re A Germ' music video below...

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