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The Regrettes x 'Further Joy' appreciation post.

The Regrettes x 'Further Joy' appreciation post.

The Regrettes have just released their album 'Further Joy' today - featuring the singles, 'Monday', 'You're So Fucking Pretty' and 'That's What Makes Me Love You'. The album comes after a trip to Joshua Tree that bonded the band closer than they've ever been, allowed some peace and quiet from the bustling Los Angeles, and helped mould the music into what is now 'Further Joy'.

So on the day of release, we are celebrating...

#1. The music videos from the 'Further Joy' era have been delivering visuals - check out the videos for 'Monday', 'You're So Fucking Pretty' and 'Anxieties (Out of Time)' below...

#2. We got to chat to The Regrettes as part of our 2022 Must-Know series about all things 'Further Joy' before the album was released - you can read our full interview with the band here

#3. For the earlier part of this year, The Regrettes have been out on tour performing some of their newer songs and some of their older stuff for crowds across North America - the band will also be playing at Coachella this April!

#4. In theme with the new album, the band have also released a limited-edition pink version of 'Further Joy' on vinyl... you can purchase it for yourself here before it's gone. 

#5. The band also performed their dreamy latest single 'Anxieties (Out of Time)' on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

The Regrettes 'Further Joy' is out now... 

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