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CDM Premiere: Balu Brigada - 'Could You Not' music video.

CDM Premiere: Balu Brigada - 'Could You Not' music video.

Auckland-based four-piece Balu Brigada describe themselves as “three brothers and a bestie” - the band is made up of Henry Beasley, Pierre Beasley, Charles Beasley, and Guy Harrison - and go on to list influences from Tyler The Creator to Tame Impala.

Their music is just as varied as that description and their influences imply, and today we’re premiering the music video for their latest single, ‘Could You Not’ - a song based on a real-life situation that frontman Henry experienced.
About the writing of ‘Could You Not’, Balu Brigada’s Henry says: “‘Could You Not' is based on an awkward conversation I had with a friend, in my garage. She was kinda seeing another friend of mine at the time but wanted to stop seeing him romantically and didn’t know how to tell him. That’s why lot of my vocals are delivered conversationally, particularly in the verses. The whole situation was kinda messy and charged with a lot of mixed feelings of friendship and 'more-than-friendship’, which is why the second verse is all over the place. I wanted that verse to read like a confession and an explanation for how things got so messy between them. But they’re all good now, so there is a happy ending x.”

And about what the rest of the year has in store for them, he says: “Our debut EP will be coming out in August and that’ll have songs that we’d written as far back as 4 years ago, so it’s been a long time coming and we’re pretty happy to be getting it out there. We’ll be touring it around the country in August and will be looking into doing some shows and festivals in NZ and AUS over the Summer.”

Watch the ‘Could You Not’ music video below…

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