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Introducing: Jimi Somewhere + his new song 'Selfish'.

Introducing: Jimi Somewhere + his new song 'Selfish'.

Norwegian artist Jimi Somewhere has just shared a brand new song, 'Selfish', the final song to be released from his upcoming debut album. Having released three songs last year ('Benton Way', 'Backseat', 'Dusk') as well as a collaboration with Boy Pablo on 'Never Cared', the rising artist, who Noisey dubbed "Norway’s answer to Kevin Abstract," continues to evolve his undefinable sound with this new release.

About the song, Jimi Somewhere says: "'Selfish' is a breakup song, I guess. It's just about that weird period of time where you’re ending things with a person. There's so much back and forth and so many emotions at play, I just tried to capture some of that, in both the lyrics and the instrumental."

Listen to 'Selfish' below...

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