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5 reasons why you need to see Harry Styles live this November.

5 reasons why you need to see Harry Styles live this November.

It's no secret that we're excited about Harry Styles' upcoming visit to New Zealand this November (he's playing Spark Arena on November 23rd), and with only eight months until he touches down to perform, we've put together five reasons you can't miss this tour.

Check them all out below...

#1. We're SO excited to see what amazing outfits he brings on tour with him - we're guessing lots of glitter, colours, and Gucci. Check out some of our favourites from the last tour:

He is already working on the new outfits according to this new interview too:

#2. We are ready to all cry in unison when he sings 'Falling' - just watch this performance of the song from the Brit Awards:

#3. We're obsessed with his cover of Lizzo's 'Juice', and fingers crossed he starts playing it in his live shows:

#4. Remember his last NZ show when he played 'Kiwi' multiple times in a row, just for New Zealand? Let's hope it happens again.

#5. He's bringing Mabel on tour with him for the Australia and New Zealand tour dates! Watch her performance of 'Don't Call Me Up' at the Brit Awards below:

Tickets to Harry Styles' NZ show are on sale now - get tickets here.

Watch the 'Falling' music video below...

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