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Grimes x 'Asos' magazine, Autumn 2016.

Grimes x 'Asos' magazine, Autumn 2016.

Grimes features on the cover of the latest issue of ‘Asos’ magazine, wearing a variety of looks from the brand’s upcoming products.

On the future: “‘I don’t worry about my future. I know if I got dropped by my label, I’d still be able to make records, because I own all the equipment and I have all the skills. You physically can’t take it away from me. If I didn’t write or produce my own music, my career would be completely in the hands of other people and that’s a really terrifying situation. I feel safe knowing it’s my thing. It’s the source of my personal confidence and its power.”

On the power of pop: “‘I loved that with Beyoncé’s Lemonade people could have an intellectual dialogue about it, and yet it’s really satisfying pop music, too. That’s a difficult achievement and as a fan, it’s enjoyable to get something that’s so complicated and thought provoking but so pleasurable at the same time. I think Lemonade is a masterpiece.’”

On Nicole Dollanganger: “‘I’m constantly intimidated by how good her music is. Part of the reason I wanted to sign her to Eerie Organization was to light a fire under my ass to make better music, but I also wanted to create a place where young artists wouldn’t have to sign their lives away. The deal with Nicole was, if someone better comes along, sign with them.”

Watch a video from the shoot:

Check out the rest of the shoot below…

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