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An X-Series appreciation post featuring the new X-T50.

An X-Series appreciation post featuring the new X-T50.

With the release of the brand new X-T50, Fujifilm were kind enough to send Coup De Main over to Australia to learn all about their X-Series line as a whole, alongside the newly launched X-T50 camera. We've decided to round up some of the new and interesting things we learnt while over there... 

#1. With the release of the brand new X-T50 this week, Takuya Noguchi, the Product Planner of the X-T50 shared his thoughts on the handy new film simulation dial situated on top of the camera (his favourite film simulation to use is Astia!): 

"I'm most excited about the film simulation dial... I hope people enjoy it and I love the dial."

#2. The accessibility of the X-Series cameras are unmatched - and with no technical photography knowledge, it's easy to learn how to use these cameras without the need to watch endless tutorials. Yuji Igarashi, the Divisional Manager of Professional Imaging Group at Fujifilm, shares how in development, they considered accessibility greatly: 

"When we started with the X-Series, it started with the X-400 and you can see all the physical dials - to make sure that you can control it easily, without going deep into the menu. It's always been our philosophy to have very prominent dials, so that you can easily change the settings."

#3. On when it's going to be easier to purchase their highly coveted X100VI camera, Igarashi explains... 

"It takes a bit of time because of all the components, and also, our cameras are not easy to make - because we care about the design and quality so we can't just mass produce these cameras. And while we increase production, we need to also make sure the quality is good enough, so we're doing both at the same time and it might take a few more months, but we are committed to delivering every single order which we receive. We appreciate our customers waiting for the product arrive."

#4. The automated features are some of the best parts of the X-Series cameras - adding to the ease and accessibility that the range provides. Igarashi shares how he envisions both skilled photographers and first-time camera users interacting with the features: 

"We wanted to make it easy for everyone to use. So X-100, you can have everything on auto-mode but then you can also have everything in auto except, for example, changing the ISO or just changing the shutter speed etc. You can have everything on auto but you can experiment and learn by having most of them auto but one feature manual. That's the process where you can learn about photography. We wanted to make sure it could cater towards people who are beginners, up to the very advanced photographers, then of course, people can use manual manual setting as much as they want."

#5. Creatives from the likes of Beyoncé to Tyler, The Creator, and more, all shoot with an X-Series camera!

For further info and where to purchase your very own X-Series camera - head here

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