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Watch: 'La La Land' film trailer.

Watch: 'La La Land' film trailer.

What's this?! ANOTHER film in which Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are #RelationshipGoals??? 

The official trailer for the upcoming film, 'La La Land' was recently released, and I wish I could tell you a brief synopsis of what the film is about... but the trailer literally explains nothing. From what I've gathered, the film is a contemporary Hollywood musical that is set to release in late 2016, and Stone and Gosling are a couple. 

Generally, most film trailers are a 'mini movie' by playing a couple of scenes and character quotes, which ultimately give away the entire film's plot. However, this is not the case for 'La La Land' because I did not understand a single thing about this film's plot. 

See for yourself and watch the trailer below...

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