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An E^ST x 'Life Goes On' appreciation post.

An E^ST x 'Life Goes On' appreciation post.

Australia's E^ST (Mel Bester) played her debut New Zealand show this week alongside good pal Thomston, in support of her latest single, 'Life Goes On', which she says is a song that is "very personal to me, about ghosts that aren't physically with you anymore but still leave an impression. It's admitting to missing someone but accepting that you have to let go of people sometimes."

'Life Goes On' is E^ST's fourth release, following three EPs: 'Old Age' in 2014 (which got picked up by triple j and wound up with Bester signing to a major record label aged 16), then 'The Alley' and 'Get Money!'.

In celebration of this exciting new talent, we've complied a list of our top five favourite things we're currently appreciating about E^ST:

#1. Earlier this week, E^ST and Sachi NZ-debuted their upcoming collab 'Hollywood Angel' live at a show in Auckland, and we can't wait to hear the studio-version of the song.

luv u @iameastofficial

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#2. Last year, E^ST opened for Twenty One Pilots in Australia!

#3. And she's also a fan of The Neighbourhood:

#4. And Zane Lowe is a fan of E^ST...

#5. In an interview earlier this year, E^ST told us that she thinks the gender imbalance in the music industry is something really important to speak up about: "Inequality or imbalance of any kind, I feel passionate about addressing and changing."

Click here to read the full interview.

Watch the music video for E^ST’s 'Life Goes On' below...

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