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Charli XCX x SSense.

Charli XCX x SSense.

Charli XCX models new season looks from the likes of Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Balenciaga for SSense in this new editorial, as photographed by Sandy Kim.

On if she thinks pop music is thriving: "I think pop music’s in a really great place right now. There are definitely two different storylines to who I am, you know? There’s the Pop 2 mixtape kind of like songwriter world of things and then there’s the girl who sang 'Boom Clap' and was featured on 'Fancy' with Iggy (Azalea). I think both of those storylines are equally valid."

On her favourite musicians right now: "I really like Cupcakke and her whole latest album. I think she’s finally getting the credit she deserves. I’m really excited about that. I’m really into Billie Eilish. I’m really into this girl Yaeji. She has this really awesome song called 'Raingurl' and produces a lot of stuff herself."

Read the full interview here.

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