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Listen: Cautious Clay's new song 'Dying In The Subtlety'.

Listen: Cautious Clay's new song 'Dying In The Subtlety'.

In the lead-up to his forthcoming debut album (out next year), Cautious Clay has shared a second single, 'Dying In The Subtlety', which arrives today accompanied by a music video filmed in and around his home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

About his new song, Cautious Clay says: "'Dying In The Subtlety' is a look at what it means to lose sight of the bigger picture in the context of friendship and relationship dynamics. It examines how subtle moments of emotional uncertainty or exuberance can sometimes serve as false negatives or false positives. The song ultimately calls to attention the importance of being aware of these internal signals and being more long-sighted when evaluating who you choose to give love and meaningful attention to in an age of distraction."

Watch the music video for 'Dying In The Subtlety' below...

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