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Billie Eilish - 'Bored' music video.

Billie Eilish - 'Bored' music video.

After debuting new song 'Bored' on the soundtrack of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why', Billie Eilish has now released a music video for the single which features her climbing a never-ending ladder.

In an interview with Elle, Eilish says about the video: "The video was inspired by being trapped in a relationship that was going nowhere...when you're in such a toxic place with someone and you're treated so badly for such a long time that eventually you're used to it... The thought of being on an endless ladder in a kind of timeless, anti-gravity space where no rules apply, is just really sick to me, and goes with the concept of the song—getting nowhere in a relationship."

Watch the 'Bored' music video below...

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