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Introducing: Baby Queen + her new song 'Buzzkill'.

Introducing: Baby Queen + her new song 'Buzzkill'.

Bella Latham, aka Baby Queen, has shared a music video for latest single, 'Buzzkill', which was directed by filmmaking duo Bedroom (Beabadoobee, The 1975, Sports Team) and styled by Patricia Villirillo.

About the song, Baby Queen says: "The song is about being really depressed at a party, but feeling that you are, in a way, being coerced to be positive by friends who think you are a killjoy or a buzzkill. I really wanted the concept of the video to mirror that. I think when you're depressed, you're very detached from reality and incredibly apathetic, so everything around you is impersonal, which is why I wanted to use people's hands as opposed to their full bodies or any show any other identifiable parts of them. The concept is built around the manipulation of me by the hands, which are completely choreographed and quite surreal. I really wanted the viewer to feel disconnected from everything but the lyric and the central performance."

And further on the video: "We put a massive focus on styling and props, and I was wearing Ashish for most of the video because it's so shiny and so over the top which I thought could really juxtapose with the sadness of the lyric and the apathy in performance. It was a one day shoot, and honestly it was the strangest day of my life. I thought we would be shooting in a small white room and I couldn't believe the scale of the production when I arrived. I definitely didn't expect it to be such a big deal so I was having a bit of an imposter-syndrome outer body experience. I've been in love with this song since the day I wrote it so I feel very lucky to have had such an incredible team working on the video with me and I feel super proud of what we created together."

And if you want to know more about Baby Queen, read below for some self-declared facts:

Reasons to be friends with Baby Queen:
- She knows lots of facts about Taylor Swift and is willing to share them with you
- She uses big and cool words like krukolibidinous which may act to startle and confuse your enemies
- You are most likely never to find yourself in conversation with her about a) star signs or b) spiritual energies; and she has never checked her daily horoscope.

Reasons to run away from Baby Queen if she approaches you in public:
- She believes we are being lied to by secret operations within the American Government about the aliens, which could lead to several uncomfortable disagreements in social situations.
- She broke into somebody's house by smashing a red hammer through their bathroom window which is quite awkward and not at all awesome. It's a big red flag to be honest.
- According to God, she is "the most annoying person in the world," but that is obviously just one man's opinion and he doesn't know her personally.

Watch the 'Buzzkill' music video below...

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