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Your horoscope as a lyric from Ashnikko's 'Weedkiller' album.

Your horoscope as a lyric from Ashnikko's 'Weedkiller' album.

Ashnikko has released her debut album 'Weedkiller' this week, and we have consulted with the stars and the universe to pair a lyric from the new album to an astrological sign in the hopes that it can give you some guidance/direction/suggestions...


Aries - "Nothing matters / And I’ll be fine," from 'Worms'.
If nothing matters, Aries truly will be fine as they will use their confidence and decisiveness to get them through anything.

Taurus - "RIP my heart / dearly departed,"  from 'Don't Look At It'.
Tauruses know the struggle of being so loyal that it sometimes leads to heartbreak. 

Gemini - "Game face on / Hit the pose like perfect," from 'Cheerleader'.
Geminis have often been described as being two-faced - but maybe that just means they're good at faking it 'til they make it. 

Cancer - "I'm not immune to you / I'm only human," from 'Moonlight Magic'.
Similar to Tauruses, Cancers are incredibly devoted and emotional. Even when they know they shouldn't, they can't help going back to what might hurt them. 

Leo - "They won't love you like I will / Guess I'll always be your second choice," from 'Miss Nectarine'.
Leos love to love, but will never let someone else dim their light. 

Virgo - "I'm a ticking ticking ticking time bomb / Live a villain die an icon," from 'Chokehold Cherry Python'.
Virgos are absolute perfectionists so it's no wonder they're a little stressed out and may snap at any moment. 

Libra - "I'm having fun / It's a celebration," from 'Weedkiller'.
Typically extroverted, Libras love to party and be surrounded by all kinds of people. 

Scorpio - "Funny I can't make my mind up," from 'Want It All'.
Scorpios can be very serious which makes it hard to make decisions when everything feels too important. 

Sagittarius - "I'm tired of the dirt and grit / I want something soft," from 'Dying Star'.
Sagitariuses are super welcoming and empathetic towards everyone, but sometimes they need to take a step back before they get hurt. 

Capricorn - "I'm riding through the desert with a sword on my back," from 'Worms'.
Capricorns are patient and diligent which are probably the best character traits to have when going through hard times (a.k.a. riding through a desert).

Aquarius - "I was living good before your locusts and your plague hit," from 'You Make Me Sick!'.
This song is the new anthem for Aquariuses who are sick of other people trying to control them. 

Pisces - "Gonna bleach my eyebrows, change my name," from 'Worms'.
Even when the world feels like it's ending, Pisces will continue to be themselves and stay creative. 

Ashnikko's 'Weedkiller' album is out now - listen below:

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