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Introducing: Pretty Sick + their new song 'Allen Street'.

Introducing: Pretty Sick + their new song 'Allen Street'.

New York-based quartet Pretty Sick make their Dirty Hit debut with new song, 'Allen Street', and the promise of a forthcoming EP scheduled for release later this year.

About the influence of their hometown on the upcoming EP, frontwoman Sabrina Fuentes (who formed Pretty Sick seven years ago when she was thirteen) says: "It’s just about experiences being a teenager in New York. New York is a big theme in all of my music for the most part. It’s such a deeply human city, even if it’s at risk of being taken over by gentrifiers and developers. There’s nothing you can’t do in New York, and there’s nothing the city can’t handle. It inspires so much, and it inspires so many people. It’s given me everything I have."

Alongside Fuentes, Pretty Sick also includes drummer Austin Williamson, guitarist Wade Oates, and bassist Orazio Argentero.

Watch the music video for 'Allen Street' below...

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