Must-listen: The Marías' new song 'Hush'.

CDM 2021 Must-Know artist The Marías have today shared a music video for new single, 'Hush' - the first song to be released from the band's upcoming debut album 'Cinema' out June 25th.

About the influence of cinema on their music, the band's María Zardoya says: "The Marías were born from cinema. The reason Josh and I started writing music together was because of cinema. Through a friend, we were connected to a music supervisor who would send us requests for music for films. We’d receive a synopsis of a scene, and then we’d have to write music to it within a couple of days. Not only did that teach us how to write songs together fairly quickly, it taught us how to think like filmmakers. We’d imagine worlds in our minds based on the synopses – the colors in the scene, the lighting, the actors, the set design, and of course, the music."

Watch the 'Hush' music video below...

P.S. Read our latest interview with The Marías here.

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