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Joe Keery x Flaunt Magazine, Issue #155.

Joe Keery x Flaunt Magazine, Issue #155.

Joe Keery stars in the latest edition of ‘Flaunt Magazine’ dressed in a range of Prada outfits - which are also seen in the magazine’s short-film, ‘Flaunt Film’.

About if he weren’t acting, Joe says: “For what I would be doing otherwise, it’s hard to say. Something in the arts I guess. Music would be my first answer, but so far in life the two have come hand in hand, one fueling the other, so that feels like a cheap answer. I like to write stories. I like history. If this hadn’t worked out the way it had, odds are I would be still working at a bar trying just as hard to make something happen. The chase is an equally dull and incredibly exciting time.”

Check out the rest of the shoot, and the film below…

P.S. Read our latest interview with Joe Keery [in which he interviews Tame Impala’s Jay Watson] here.

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