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Lush announces their (very important) #GayIsOk campaign for LGBT rights.

Lush announces their (very important) #GayIsOk campaign for LGBT rights.

Lush (a.k.a. one of the most philanthropic brands in the beauty business right now) are continuously lengthening our list of reasons why we love them. This month, Lush is launching their global #GayIsOk campaign for LGBT rights. 

From June 15th to July 5th, Lush will be fundraising with the use of their new, specially-made 'Love Soap' bar, with all profits going to the LGBT organisation, ALL OUT. Amazing!

If you buy the super pretty gold bar of 'Love Soap' (which you totally should), be sure to post a social media photo to show the world that #GayIsOk. Every purchase or interaction with this Lush movement works towards protecting LGBT people by stopping discrimination and unfair legalities, generating support, and enabling LGBT people to live openly, freely and without fear.

Supporting LGBT causes is so important. Unfortunately, in 76 countries it's a crime to be gay. Ten of these countries have death as a 'penalty'. There's also no country on the world where LGBT people have full equality, which can negatively impact their families, their freedom, their safety and their dignity. This is NOT OK.

"From 25th June – 5th July 2015, 825 LUSH shops across the world will ask their customers “What if your love was illegal?” and encourage them to post selfies with the campaign’s fundraising product, Love soap ($8.90 NZD for a 120g bar) - a gold soap scented with LUSH’s Love fragrance - telling the world why they think #GayIsOK. However LUSH are unable to sell this soap in around 100 of their shops across the world because of anti-gay legislation in these countries. As the soap has a positive affirmation regarding gay rights, it is also not legal in many markets. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) equality work, especially in the places where it is most needed, is massively underfunded. By purchasing the Love soap you are supporting grassroots LGBT groups fighting for equality all over the world daily. The #GayIsOK campaign aims to raise $573,000 (NZD) through profits of the soap. $115,000 will be donated directly to All Out for their campaigning efforts across the world. With the rest, we will be inviting LGBT groups to apply for grants up to $23,000 via All Out’s website."

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