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Listen: Ava Max's debut album 'Heaven & Hell'.

Listen: Ava Max's debut album 'Heaven & Hell'.

“When you listen to 'Heaven & Hell', I want you to feel empowered, strong, and like nothing can stop you,” Ava Max shares about what she wants people to feel when listening to her debut album 'Heaven & Hell' (out today!) - a fifteen-track release which sees her unapologetic pop sound create anthems which delve into both sides of the human spirit.

She continues, “I try to support and inspire. All of my songs reflect togetherness and love. If my story can help one person, it’s all I could ask for.”

Ahead of the album's release, Ava shared a music video for 'Who's Laughing Now' in which she embodies four different characters:

About the duality of the album, Ava shares that: "Heaven & Hell represents light and dark, good and evil, and the devil and angel on your shoulder. I’m discussing the dualities of the challenges we face each day. Some songs have darkness; other songs are more positive. Heaven & Hell is the middle ground. It’s moody but it’s also positive.”

Listen to 'Heaven & Hell' below...

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